ITS is well established in the renewable energy sector and offers complete cable management services for the MV AC collection on solar and wind projects. This includes terminations, setting junction boxes, underground splices, HDD bores, and cable installation. Our equipment fleet can service projects in all types of ground conditions including, rock sawing, wet rice fields, and hard glacial tills. With specialized sand hoppers, cables are protected when installed and remain in a trefoil conditions. ITS can plow multiple circuits with up to 24” separation and can achieve 7 feet of cover on AC/ DC crossings. ITS also provides DC trenching and installation on solar projects.


ITS is a leader in providing construction services for long haul fiber projects as well as FTTP services. Our complement of equipment is suited for all types of telecommunications projects. ITS can self-perform plowing, HDD, micro trenching, hydrovac, and fiber jetting. Whether its installing fiber duct through a mountain pass or connecting homes and cities, our complete service offering provides full turnkey installation or a boutique custom service for our clients.


ITS services the municipal market with water and sewer line installation. Our specialty plowing equipment can achieve depth of cover of 9.2 feet on a 12” diameter pipe. The GPS capabilities of the plow allows us to lay gravity sewer on slopes. ITS is also well-positioned to install with traditional methods, tailoring equipment needs to specific client needs.

Oil + Gas

ITS is proud to serve the oil & gas sector throughout North America. Our crews have extensive experience in oilfield construction and understand the additional safety and quality requirements needed for successful projects. Our fleet of equipment includes FOECK pipe plows, rock saws, trenchers, and excavators with highly experienced and trained technicians to safely operate the equipment. The project equipment fleet is tailored to meet each project’s unique challenges. ITS provides boutique services such as custom cable plowing and rock sawing, to full turnkey pipeline installation, including facility fabrication.

Steel Pipe Plowing

ITS has specialty equipment for the installation of steel pipelines using plowing equipment. We can expertly install lengths of over 1,094 yards at a time and sizes of up to 36”. Steel pipe plowing is a cost-effective and efficient installation method.

Composite Pipe Plowing

ITS has specialty designed chutes that can install composite pipes up to 24” diameter. Pipes are laid into the ground on a flat trench bottom. Depth of cover is achievable up to 9.2  feet. ITS has successfully installed the following products HDPE, FlexSteel, FlexPipe, Fiberspar and other composite pipes. As an industry innovator, ITS continues to plow new composite pipe material when it enters the market

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