ITS SpiderPlow One Pass Trenching

ITS has a fleet of FOECK SpiderPlows that can install underground utilities up to 9.2 feet cover on a 12” pipe and upwards of 40 separate 2” conduits. They are versatile and can operate in wet conditions, on side hills, in narrow spaces, and behind obstacles. The machines are strategically located throughout North America so that our teams can service jobs efficiently while reducing mobilization time and costs. Our wide variety of chute attachments can be tailored to each project, ensuring adequate spacing of underground utilities as well as ensuring cover.

Our crews are trained to operate and maintain this specialty equipment. Each crew has a service on location at all times to maintain and repair the equipment to minimize down time and keep up project productivities. This is down by the operators so there is no need to wait for specialized mechanics.

One Pass Trenching – How it Works

The SpiderPlow is a two-unit system that works together. The winch unit is the largest mobile winch in the world. It has a large blade or “anchor” on the back that goes into the ground. The Winch cable attaches to the plow and pulls the plow ahead. At the back of the plow is a ripper shank or “sword”, which cuts open the ground and creates the trench. There is a laying chute attached to the sword which installs the utility into the slot that the sword creates. Once the utility is laid, the ground backfills the trench.

In one pass, the SpiderPlow is able to excavate, lay the utility and backfill, allowing productivity increases of twenty times versus a traditional excavator and up to five times of a trencher.

ITS Spider Plow – Innovation

We are always ready to help clients achieve the impossible. ITS has successfully made changes to the equipment and installation procedures to exceed client requirements. Some of the innovation that ITS has achieved includes:

  • Installation of swamp weights on pipelines while plowing
  • Installation of coke breeze when installing cathodic protection
  • Ensuring compaction on plowed utilities 6’ below ground
  • Increasing depth of cover to below frost line by adding a second plow
  • Dual circuit installation with 24” separation for ROW restrictions
  • Installation of Steel Pipes

SpiderPlow – Versatility

ITS is a leader in providing construction services for long haul fiber projects as well as FTTP services. Our complement of equipment is suited for all types of telecommunications projects. Whether its installing fiber duct through a mountain pass or connecting homes cities, ITS is able to offer quality service. ITS can self-perform Plowing, HDD, Micro Trenching, Hydrovac, Fiber Jetting. With our service offering we can provide full turnkey installation or a boutique custom service for a client.

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