One-Pass Trenching

Our one-pass trenching solution combines a unique winch and plow system designed to expedite trenching and backfill activities.

The strongest mobile winch vehicle in the world anchors in the ground and winches the plow along the Right-Of-Way. With a rubber track and high ground clearance the winch can navigate difficult terrain. The plow maintains independent control of each wheel and uses a drawbar to ensure constant laying depth. Equipped with GPS functionality for as-built development during installation, the plow also has variable chute designs to support the installation of almost any utility.

Pipeline Construction

ITS specializes and offers unique turn key pipeline construction project delivery.

Our services include pipeline installation of HDPE, Steel, Fiberglass, and all other composite pipeline material. Our capabilities allow us to install pipelines up to 24” in size and can achieve cover of 2.8m on a 10″ pipe.


Cable Management

ITS specializes in cable management services for wind and solar farms and also offers unique custom cable plowing services.

Our services include full cable management, including setting junction, splice and services boxes. ITS has a wide variety of reel trailers to meet any project needs.

ITS also provides custom plowing services were we only supply the plowing equipment and operators. This service is ideal if only a portion of the project can be plowed.

Sand Hopper for Cable Bedding

Wind Farm Cable Management

Innovation and Experience

ITS offers unique solutions with specialized equipment combined with robust construction programs and systems developed for some of the most sophisticated clients in the world. With leadership and operators who boast more than 20 years of industry experience, we are confident in our ability to offer specialized solutions grounded in best practices to safely and effectively execute work in a wide array of market sectors.

Key Benefits

Up to 5 times faster than a trencher and 20 times faster than a conventional excavation/installation, one-pass trenching reduces environmental impacts and maintains better stability across a variety of terrain. Even during installations on hilltops and through valleys, the equipment maintains a consistent depth.

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