ITS provides services to a vast array of industries through North America.

ITS provides services to a range of industries across North America.
Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and we do so by tailoring our offerings to meet our client’s needs. Whether it is a turnkey solution or a specialty service where we provide our equipment and operators, we are always ready to help.

Turnkey Services offered:

  • Renewable cable management AC & DC
  • Pipeline installation & facility steel
  • Telecommunication installation
  • Water and sewer work

Specialty Services

We offer following specialty services:

  • HDD
  • Rock saw
  • Micro trenching
  • SpiderPlow one pass trenching


ITS has several HDD rigs in our fleet to complement our projects. This equipment allows ITS to self-perform more work providing savings and schedule efficiencies to our clients. Our drilling crews understand the industry requirements for crossing environmental sensitive area and other utilities. Each project is unique, and our extensive experiences ensures we have the right equipment and tools on site to complete the bores safely and efficiently.

Micro Trenching

In areas that are congested with other utilities, micro trenching is a great solution for installing fiber underground. Our micro trenches cut a small slot in the asphalt and concrete, then install conduit. The slot is then backfilled with a flowable fill, ensuring integrity is maintained and eliminating any settling. The unique vacuum system prevents dust and is a great tool to use in residential and commercial areas.

Rock Saws

Bedrock is a challenge for underground utilities. ITS has specialty rock saws that can cut through rock and allow utility installation. The saws can be adjusted and can cut a trench up to 24” wide and 60” deep. By matching the cutting teeth to the rock material, ITS provides high productivity and cost efficiencies.

Spider Plow One-Pass Trenching

The strongest mobile winch vehicle in the world anchors in the ground and winches the plow along the right-of-way. With a rubber track and high ground clearance, the winch can navigate difficult terrain. The plow maintains independent control of each wheel and uses a drawbar to ensure constant laying depth. Equipped with GPS functionality for as-built development during installation, the plow also has variable chute designs to support the installation of almost any utility.

ITS Early Construction Involvement (ECI)

ITS is always willing to provide advice and knowledge in the planning of utility work. By partnering with ITS at the beginning of your project, we can help design projects efficiently and ensure they are cost effective. ITS has helped clients determine ROW running lines, assess plow/HDD feasibility and material suggestions setting projects up for success. Clients continue to turn to ITS Early Construction Involvement (ECI) as an option because of its high success rate.

ITS also has design capabilities to support a clients idea evolve from concept to completion. We offer engineering design services and have experience with different project delivery models such as IPD.

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