10 Advantages of Innovative Trenching Solutions

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10 Advantages of ITS services:

  •  Premier underground utility contractor & strategic partner.
  • Can install 10,000 meters of utility pre day
  • Depth of up to 2.8-meter cover
  • Enormous pulling power with the mobile winches
  • No need for preparation or pre-ripping required.
  • Low Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emissions
  • More environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable
  • Hydraulically adjustable Outriggers & Ripper toe
  • Combatable with wet ground conditions, uneven terrain, rough terrain, rocky terrain, and other challenging terrains
  • Installation of Multiple utilities at the same time.T: (780)699 -3353 | E: info@itsenergy.ca
10 Advantages of ITS services

10 Advantages of Innovative Trenching Solutions

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